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Dive statistics
Total number of dives: First dive: Last dive:
9131-07-2006 (dive 1)26-05-2015 (dive 91)
Total dive time (hour:min): Shortest dive: Longest dive: Average dive time:
68:1724 min. (dive 1)62 min. (dive 77)45 min.
Earliest dive entry: Latest dive entry:
09:15 (dive 86)22:34 (dive 44)
Shallowest dive: Deepest dive: Average depth:
7.3m (dive 85)34.8m (dive 66)17.1m
Coldest air temperature: Warmest air temperature:
16°C (dive 27)32°C (dive 83)
Coldest water temperature: Warmest water temperature:
8°C (dive 63)32°C (dive 66)
Salt water dives: Fresh water dives: Brackish water dives:
73 (80%)14 (15%)4 (4%)
Shore dives: Boat dives: Night dives: Drift dives:
47 (52%)44 (48%)4 (4%)4 (4%)
Deep dives: Cave dives: Wreck dives: Photography dives:
0 (0%)6 (7%)3 (3%)39 (43%)
My certifications
Certification title: Organisation: Date: Certification number: Instructor:
Open Water DiverPADI01-08-20060608E44749Kitty Verhagen
Advanced Open Water DiverPADI26-07-20080808E41605Teun Schoemaker
Enriched Air NitroxSSI28-07-2008714035P2172084849558-NLTeun Schoemaker
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